The idea of a LaxStrap was born in the basement of a college lacrosse house. The players decided they wanted to honor a teammate who had passed a way and do this rather than the traditional methods.

In May 2019, Steven Sadler turned his basement into a workshop to begin producing LaxStraps again.

Since then, Steven has worked tirelessly to ensure that LaxStraps is the best way for players to make their statement on the field. Steven continues to produce all LaxStraps in his home in North Carolina.

LaxStraps are currently used by numerous PLL athletes and many colleges, high schools, and youth teams around the country.

LaxStraps come with a one-year warranty. Refunds or exchanges will be issued for any warranty items. Our administration will determine warranty items and issues related to the LaxStraps on a case-by-case basis. LaxStraps is not liable for any cosmetic or physical damage done to a LaxStrap. Unused standard straps can be returned, but the customer will have to pay for a return label. Refunds will be issued after inspection of the returned items. Custom items cannot be exchanged or returned but can be refunded if there is an issue.

Products are made in Maryland.

The National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition

LAXStraps has contributed over $7,000 to the National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition. Learn more about it, below!

Check out Our work with the Iroquois Nationals Development Group

We’ve also been working with the Iroquois Nationals Development Group! Check out more details, below.